What I’ve Learned: Lawrence Ayliffe

After six decades in the advertising / branding business, over 40 years of which I owned my own business, here’s what I know to be true.

Lawrence Ayliffe

Lawrence Ayliffe(CCO/CEO, L.A. Inc.)

Quiet generally speaks louder than noisy.

I’ve noticed, over the years, that a majority of the world’s most successful brands don’t yell and scream about their virtues and consumer benefits.

Instead, they have a conversation with their customer, one-on-one, with sincerity and often a smile in their tone.

Nothing is as powerful as a great idea that’s well executed.

Sweat the details. Some people may recognize the effort and work, many others won’t.

That’s okay, in your heart you know that you did the right thing and that’s satisfaction enough.

Don’t blend in.

Be the person who wears red in a crowd of black. This is relevant to the work you do and also in your own personal style.

I wear round glasses, they’re part of my personal brand and I’m recognized by them. Hopefully, people also know me for my work and accomplishments.

Experience is something you have to earn.

Generally speaking, everything old is new again. Case in point; Marshall McLuhan predicted the personal computer, world wide web and AI way back in the early 1960’s. Enough said.

Integrity is one of life’s most valued companions.

Most people treat you with respect and fairness, some not so much. If you have integrity and treat people fairly and honestly you get to sleep with a clear conscience.

Don’t stand still.

Don’t be fearful. Embrace the future, whatever that is, and dance like everyone’s watching.

Creativity is the only competitive advantage.

This not only applies to what I do but to every field of endeavour.

Great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere. Keep your eyes open, listen and learn.

If you don’t love it, don’t try to sell it.

The first person you have to please is yourself.

Clients have a built in radar that can recognize a half hearted, off strategy effort the moment you start your presentation. Go all in and believe in what you’re selling.

Never stop thinking.

24/7/365. The moment you stop thinking you might as well go home.

Look after the people you love. Family, friends, co-workers, and clients who treat you well.

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