The Lakefront

When long time client, Concord Adex, was ready to launch the latest building in CityPlace, they once again called on the creativity of L.A. Inc. Named The Lakefront, primarily because of its location, on Lake Shore Blvd. West in the city's downtown. It comprised strikingly-designed contemporary architecture with an important heritage component, the historic Loblaw's warehouse. We successfully captured the essence of modernity and history by designing an updated heraldic icon. The project brochure was designed in three parts: a black linen, hard cover book with silver foil embossed logo, a matching box for holding project floor plans and a linen covered slip cover to hold the other two components. A presentation worthy of the prestigious development.

The Lakefront LogoThe Lakefront Brochure coverThe Lakefront Brochure boxThe Lakefront Brochure box detailThe Lakefront Brochure box detail 2The Lakefront Brochure spread detailThe Lakefront Brochure spreadThe Lakefront Brochure spreadThe Lakefront Brochure spreadThe Lakefront Brochure coversThe Lakefront Brochure spread

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