The Davies

Taking our cue from Robertson Davies Park, directly south of Brandy Lane’s new luxury condominium development, we named the project “The Davies” and developed a brand and marketing campaign designed to appeal to the affluent Torontonians drawn to this upscale neighbourhood. The marketing materials, including a limited-edition boxed brochure, exuded a sense of luxury and exclusivity and by authoring “Life Stories” (a homage to Robertson Davies legendary storytelling prowess) of imaginary residents we were able to capture the project’s spirit of place. The brand attitude extended to all consumer touch points; sales centre, collateral materials, traditional and online media. Illustrations by Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde enhanced the storyline throughout the campaign.

The Davies LogoThe Davies Brochure Cover The Davies Brochure BoxThe Davies Brochure Cover Detail The Davies Brochure Box Detail The Davies Brochure SpreadThe Davies Brochure DetailThe Davies Brochure SpreadThe Davies BagThe Davies AdsThe Davies Book The Davies Book Detail  Davies_Pen_940x643The Davies Exterior Sales CentreThe Davies Sales Centre Interior The Davies Sales Centre InteriorThe Davies Sales Centre InteriorThe Davies Sales Centre InteriorThe Davies Interior Suite The Davies Ext SignageDavies_Website_940x643-animated

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