As an exclusive collection of twelve residences on the banks of the Bow River, priced from $1.2 million, Riverhouse was a distinguished project requiring a distinguished campaign. For the brochure, linen the colour of the night sky, acted as the backdrop for elegant gold foil engraving and architectural sketches. A clean, crisp stationery system made a powerful and professional impression. And ads were tastefully understated, reinforcing the exclusive nature of this unique development.

Riverhouse_Logo_wordmark_940x643-animatedRiverhouse_Cover_940x643 Riverhouse_1_940x643Riverhouse_Detail1_940x643Riverhouse_Detail3_940x643Riverhouse_Detail4_940x643Riverhouse_2_940x643 Riverhouse_3_940x643 Riverhouse_5_940x643Riverhouse_Detail5_940x643 Riverhouse_Detail6_940x643

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