Peter Street

Peter Street Condominiums is a 40-storey tower, perfectly situated near Toronto’s Entertainment District, Financial District, Theatre District and Shopping District. Although convenient, the project’s urban location was associated more with rowdy nights on the town than with a residential neighbourhood. To combat the stereotypes and show consumers that Peter Street Condominiums is not only a great building, but also a welcoming place to call home, we appealed to their heart. “P.S. I love you” became the tagline for a playful and quirky campaign that used whimsical original photography with a signature red balloon throughout. For first-time developer CentreCourt, P.S. was a very happy ending.

“You guys have done (and are doing) an incredible job. The look and feel is tremendous!!!
Thank you so much for all the efforts!”
Andrew Hoffman / President ~ CentreCourt Developments Inc.

Peter Street Condominiums Stationery Letterhead DetailPeter Street Condominiums All StationeryPeter Street Condominiums Stationery Business CardsPeter Street Condominiums Stationery Envelope Detail Peter_Street_Brochure_Cover_940x643 Peter_Street_Brochure_Detail_02_940x643 Peter_Street_Brochure_Detail_03_940x643 Peter_Street_Brochure_Spread_02_940x643 Peter_Street_Brochure_Spread_03_940x643 Peter_Street_Brochure_Spread_04_940x643Peter_Street_Ads_940x643Peter_Street_Sales_Centre_Interior_04_940x643 Peter_Street_Sales_Centre_Interior_03_940x643 Peter_Street_Sales_Centre_Interior_02_940x643 20110603-RQH_0260 Peter_Street_Sales_Centre_Exterior_940x643Peter_Street_Busker-Event_01_940x643Peter_Street_Busker-Event_02_940x643Peter_Street_Website_940x643-animated
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