Massey Tower

When MOD Developments approached us with their plans for a 60-storey tower on Yonge, across from the Eaton Centre, we knew this was an opportunity to create something spectacular. The project had an established connection with beloved Canadian music venue, Massey Hall, so Massey Tower was a quick front-runner for the project name. The campaign was inspired by the world of music. There was a brochure, constructed as an album cover; event invitations, designed as backstage passes; and seven original works of art, each representing a different genre of music, from classical and jazz, to hip hop and rock n’ roll. The edgy graphics attracted young professionals, students, city dwellers, and investors from all over, drawn to the urban buzz of life in downtown Toronto. The project’s tag line, “Live on Yonge.” was a double entendre, both emphasizing the residential offering, and tying in to a live musical experience.

Massy-Tower_Logo_940x643Massey Tower Condominiums StationeryMassey Tower Condominiums Stationery Business Card Ticket detailMassey Tower Condominiums Stationery Envelope Detail Massey Tower Condominiums Brochure CoverMassey Tower Condominiums Brochure SpreadMassey Tower Condominiums Brochure SpreadMassey Tower Condominiums Brochure SpreadMassey Tower Condominiums Brochure DetailMassey Tower Condominiums Brochure DetailMassey Tower Condominiums AdsMassey Tower Condominiums Sales CentreMassey-Tower_Sales-Centre_3_940x643Massey Tower Condominiums Sales Centre InteriorMassey Tower Condominiums Sales Centre Exterior Massey Tower Condominiums Exterior SignageMassey Tower Condominiums Water BottlesMassey Tower Condominiums SunglassesMassey-Tower_Website_940x643-animated

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