Market Wharf

Market Wharf is one of the first new condo developments in the historic area of the St. Lawrence Market, near Toronto’s waterfront. Since The Market (as it’s affectionately known to residents) is a beloved public destination, it was important to connect it to the brand identity for this project. The colours of the simple logo pay homage to the nearby waterfront and former wharf on site, as well as the environmental considerations given to the project construction. Other visual elements reminiscent of The Market, were sprinkled throughout – a brochure cover that resembled brown meat packing paper, community-oriented illustrations and reoccurring sightings of fruits and vegetables. In addition to the brochure, presentation centre, site signage, advertising campaign and website, we added unexpected elements to the Market Wharf campaign, including notepads for weekly shopping lists, and reusable tote bags for picking up fresh treats from The Market. These became instant hits with the audience, who are conscious of both health and the environment, and you can still spot Market Wharf bags in use at The St. Lawrence every weekend.

Market Wharf_logoMarket Wharf Condominiums StationeryMarket Wharf Condominiums Stationery DetailMarketWharf_Brochure_Spread01_940x643MarketWharf_cover_940x643MarketWharf_Brochure_Spread03_940x643MarketWharf_Brochure_Spread05_940x643MarketWharf_Brochure_Spread04_940x643Market_Wharf_Ads_940x643Market_Wharf_Invite_940x643MarketWharf_bag1_940x643 MarketWharf_bag2_940x643 Market_Wharf_Sales_Centre_Exterior_01_940x643Market_Wharf_Sales_Centre_Interior_02_940x643Market_Wharf_Sales_Centre_Interior_01_940x643 Market_Wharf_Sales_Centre_Interior_04_940x643 DSC03861.tifMarket_Wharf_Website_940x643-animated

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