Lumen is the third building in a light-themed series in downtown Toronto. After focusing on bright colours and geometric crystal patterns in the previous campaigns, this time we wanted to play with the textures and finishes created when light hits different materials. The brochure used contrasting matte and high-gloss stock and, for the first time ever, was printed entirely in black and white, drawing the reader’s attention to the luminosity of the piece. The project logo was drawn by one of our talented designers, and then fabricated out of neon and subsequently photographed. It is a haunting and compelling visual identifier for the project, and the perfect balance of sophistication and sex appeal for this smooth campaign.

Lumen_Detail1_940x643Lumen_Spread1_940x643 Lumen_Spread2_940x643 Lumen_Spread3_940x643Lumen_Detail2_940x643Lumen_Website_940x643-animated

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