Love is a high-rise condominium that offers good quality and value, at an affordable price. In an attempt to create a bright, friendly, and welcoming personality for this site, we drew inspiration from the incredible illustration style of Takashi Murakami – a style that is highly recognizable among the target audience. We commissioned a library of original illustrations and used them across every campaign touch point, from print ads and brochure, to signage and web, even in the project renderings themselves. Copy highlighted key information and selling points, but always drew readers back to the idea of falling in love with Love, a message that reinforced positive emotion for an obviously emotional purchase. It seems the message worked. Purchasers and industry peers alike fell in love with this accessible project.

Love Condominiums StationeryLove Condominiums Stationery EnvelopeLove_Cover_940x643Love_Detail3_940x643Love_Spread3_940x643Love_Spread4_940x643Love_Detail1_940x643 Love_Detail2_940x643Love_Stationary4_940x643Love_Ads_940x643Love_SalesCentre1_940x643 Love_SalesCentre2_940x643 Love_SalesCentre3_940x643 Love_Bag2_940x643Love_Website_940x643-animated

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