Five, Condos at 5 St. Joseph, is an edgy urban development in the heart of downtown Toronto, near Yonge and Wellesley. Amid a sea of competitors trying to reach for a connection to a luxury shopping district, north of the site, Five stood out by focusing attention directly on the street scene at ground level. The edgy, graffiti-style campaign is a reflection of the young urban culture that defines the neighbourhood. In addition to a top-shelf advertising schedule, the Five campaign included a brochure, presentation centre, logo, direct mail, site signage and website.

FIVE_LOGO_PROCESS.epsFive_Stationary_940x643Five_Stationary_Detail_940x643 Five_Brochure_Cover_940x643Five_Brochure_Detail2_940x643Five_Brochure_Detail4_940x643Five_Brochure_Spread1_940x643 Five_Brochure_Spread_01_940x463Five_Brochure_Spread_03_940x643Five_Brochure_Detail1_940x643Five_Ads_940x643IMG_8939FIVE_Exterior_Signage_05_940x643FIVE_Exterior_Signage_02_940x643Five_Exterior_Signage_01_940x643Five_Website_940x643-animated

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