Duke Condos

DUKE is a mid-rise building with bold geometric architecture, debuting in the Junction, one of Toronto’s most exciting communities. Artists. Entrepreneurs. Antique shops. Small batch bakeries. This is a neighbourhood where diversity, curiosity, and authenticity thrive. And the campaign for DUKE had to respect that. “Contemporary cool” was the guiding principle for materials and design. Big bold type. Craft paper beloved by artists and craftsmen. Full bleed renderings and inspiring copy that reflected the ardent passion of the community. Plus a name that was both memorable and meaningful – an acronym from the nearby intersection of Dundas (DU) and Keele (KE). In an homage to the incredible small businesses in the area, we produced a neighbourhood guide that highlighted the best and brightest in the Junction. We helped design and outfit a beautiful sales space that felt more like a hipster lounge than the typical sales centre. Overall, DUKE delivered a brand promise that felt organic, with a healthy respect for art, culture, curiosity, and craftsmanship.


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