The introduction of Icon to the Ottawa market signaled a new era in condominium design for the city. New benchmarks were set for everything from architecture and design, to finishes and lifestyle. L.A. Inc. was tasked with communicating the incredible stature of this project through the branding and marketing materials. Breathtaking renderings were commissioned from a Paris-based renderer, and featured heavily in advertising and collateral. The brochure made use of sophisticated materials and techniques such as metallic paper and blind embossing, to create a rich tactile experience. The logo was extrapolated to create a graphic pattern used throughout print and digital material. And overall, the brand we created gave Icon a futuristic feeling well suited to its bold presence.

Icon concept A_LogoIcon_brochure_cover_940x643Icon_brochure_detail1_940x643Icon_brochure_detail2_940x643 Icon_brochure1_940x643

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