Following the success of three prior branding assignments for CentreCourt Developments; Peter Street Condos, Core and Grid, the developer, once again, tagged L.A. Inc. to handle branding and marketing for their latest downtown Toronto project. Called Axis Condos in reference to the geometric definition of the word, which means a line around which everything revolves, we graphically communicated that all of downtown falls within the developments orbit. The brand identity and graphics borrow from details of the buildings exterior elevation and this iconography is carried throughout all of the development's marketing and communications materials.

AXIS logoAXIS Brochure CoverAXIS Brochure Detail 1AXIS Brochure Detail 2AXIS Brochure Spread 1AXIS Brochure Spread 2AXIS Brochure Spread 3AXIS Brochure Spread 4AXIS Website animated

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